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MyMyanmar Universal Engine beta
Universal Engine is at the heart of our font developements, it's a set of OT, Graphite and AAT programs that works regardless of font face. With it, typographers who knows best about how to design fonts can do their job while they know nothing about Unicode Standard. Again, unicode implementors like us can focus on our job too. MyMyanmar fonts are the most beautiful fonts on the web on regular text sizes because serious typographers did our glyphs. And we have most advanced Input Methods and everything else because we have time to do what we love to do, instead of making fonts. And yet, we hold more number of unicode standard typefaces than most of other implementors. Thanks to Universal Engine. And it works on Windows, Mac and Linux too, thanks to OT, AAT and Graphite.
Create your own fonts
You can create your own fonts for Unicode Standard with zero knowledge to unicode standard. And your fonts will work on all major platform too.
2. Open MyMyanmar Universal Font File (download above)
3. Clear each glyph and start drawing with your own inner-arts. Just do not move the glyph positions as it will break OT on Windows. And do not rename the glyphs which will break AAT and Graphite. MyMyanmar Universal engines follows Unicode Consortium and Adobe/Microsoft guided glyph naming so u don't have to worry about them.
4. Rename the font according to you. (change all the fields you want, except don't remove "MyMyanmar Universal (c) Technomation, just add a new line for your own copyright notice. Don't change authors field unless you cleared all of our glyphs with your own.
5. Done test the font and release it. 
6. Mail to research ate technomation dog asia for support.
We will write a license when we can enforce it legally in our country. We do not like our products reverse engineered, copy cat or talking nonsense. And we're counting on you for it. You can release free or commercial fonts using universal engine. Just put "Powered By MyMyanmar Universal" in your release. ;)
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