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MyMyanmar Language System supports every major font / encoding system to write Myanmar Language with full support for every input methods we've ever developed. Our ultimate goal is to setup a Unicode install-base (everyone's computer installed with softwares to read and write Unicode Standard) while not trashing up currently using fonts and encoding.
Supported Fonts / Encoding
Unicode Standard
MMLS supports Unicode Standards with syllable-breaked, spell checked features that are also compatible with every other standards-based fonts including Myanmar2, Myanmar3 and Padauk
With support for ZawGyi, you can not only read the web but also write to it, with one little advantage i.e. to use all features MMLS provides.
Yes, you read it right. MMLS also support Win Innwa, Art House, and all other similar ASCII fonts at its core too, with one little advantage again. :)
This is the encoding we use as a medium in places where we cannot render Unicode text directly, i.e. mobiles. Only limited support.
Input Methods
TypeWriter is our custom designed keyboard for speed almost similar to every other typewriter based systems including Win-Innwa, ZawGy or Myanmar3.

Phonetics is a layout used in old Apple Macintosh computers with easier layout based on how our character sounds relates to english characters.
On Screen Keyboard
All keyboard layouts can be used with hardware physical keyboard or used with on screen keyboard too.
People call it myanglish, but we implemented it for real so we named it MyRoman (Myanmar Romanization). Type words sounds in english and get translated to Myanmar text.
Owns a tablet PC? or a touchscreen display? There goes Handwriting input method for you. Just write down as you learned it in KG, you can enter Myanmar texts as you write down.
All Combination
You can use any font / encoding with any input method. You can write ZawGyi with MyRoman, or you can write WinASCII with Handwriting, everything is possible with MMLS.
Close Your Eyes Feature
Are you used to MM Unicode and trying to write ZawGyi now?, close your eyes and write as if it was writing MM Unicode. In Unicode, you don't have to differentiate between long and short UUs or Big and Small Yayit, or positions of Out Ka Myint. You can do the same thing with ZawGyi, or WinInnwa. MMLS virtualize the writing environment to be as intelligent as possible, so however you write, it's always okay.
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